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Bone Song trade paperback, 216 pages, $13
ISBN 0-9722893-7-2
April 2004
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Bone Song

by Joshua Scribner

Dancing with Demons

Some secrets are meant to be uncovered.

Others should remain buried.

Jonah Singer’s as bored with his job as everyone else is with theirs. But that’s the way he likes it.

  Easy-going. No stress. Just write up psych reports on patients who hope to maintain their social security insurance.

  Until, one day, a patient attacks him for no reason at all.  

  His neighbor, Jay, helps him cope, but is Jay all he says he is? 

  Soon, Jonah gets a promotion and women, previously non-existent in his life, become interested in him.

  It’s too good to be true. Nothing in life comes that easy for Jonah Singer, whose own mother won’t talk to him.

  And when something is too good to be true . . . it probably is.

  For Jonah Singer the search for self-discovery leads to a hunt to save not only his life, but the future of the planet.

Joshua Scribner earned a Master's Degree in clinical psychology. This is his first novel. He lives in Midland, Michigan with his wife, Jillian, and two daughters, Brooke and Jenna. 
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