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The Man from Far Cloud

trade paperback, 396 pages, $15-95
ISBN 0-9722893-4-8
July 2004
cover photo by Tom Fernandez

The Man from Far Cloud

by Paul O. Williams

Some choose death for honor. Others choose to live for truth.

In a time of boundless travel when nations are separated by lightyears, Umber Treggevvthann, a Gorboduc biologist, finds himself in search of purpose and belonging after he is held captive by those who would call his people vandals.


Despite his strong sense of duty and loyalty, Umber befriends those who would hurt him.

Stripped from his native home, he develops into a humble man, falls in love, and attempts to unravel a dark mystery that has chaotic and disturbing implications, for it is his duty to science that makes him a man of truth—no matter the betrayal and loss he encounters on the way. And in the end, Umber discovers what it takes to truly win.






Paul O. Williams won the John W. Campbell Award as the best new science fiction writer of the year in 1983. He wrote the seven-book series of the Pelbar Cycle throughout the 1980s. Then he worked on The Gifts of the Gorboduc Vanda (which appeared in 1990) and its sequel, The Search for the Man from Far Cloud (which appears here in print for the first time). Paul also served as the president of the Haiku Society of America. He earned his PhD in English at the University of Pennsylvania. Before retiring, he taught at Duke University, Principia College, and De Anza College. He and his wife, KerryLynn, live in San Francisco.  Author photo by Anne Chadwick Williams.

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