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Romance of a Hitman trade paperback, 294 pages, $16
ISBN 0-9722893-6-4
April 2004

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Romance of a Hitman

by Zane Smith

Not Your Ordinary Hitman

What do you do when you fall in love with the woman you’ve been
hired to kill?

  Alphonse helps innocent children, defends victims rights, loves his missing brother more than anything, and he gives the best care to his aging mother.

And on top of all that, he only takes out social “undesirables”—rapers, kiddy pornographers, and their like.

  However, when he begins to give his hard- earned money to the innocent victims of the people he’s killed, the Syndicate takes notice. 

  Already given a warning, Alphonse soon meets the love of his life. Only problem: he’s supposed to kill her.

  The Syndicate does not excuse any failure.

  Failure is met with lethal retribution.

  Can Alphonse outsmart the Syndicate, win the hand of his love, and retire in luxury?

  His plan is perfect. A little too perfect.

  And when you break the rules, consequences are just the beginning of the game of life and death.

Author of Anglomerika, Zane is a retired manufacturing executive.  During his career, he wrote several books on business and management, two of which were featured selections of major book clubs. He now lives in Atlanta and writes mystery and suspense novels.  
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